Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Photo Essay: "Kampong Life"

Hello again friends, here comes my second post.

On my last term in university, I decided to take Photography Class as one last elective course (3 Credits) to company my journey in writing undergraduate thesis (8 Credits).

One of the reason is that I really don't want to open my laptop, click none other than Ms Word, over and over again until I get sick of words and want to puke all of it.

As an interior architecture student, my previous seven terms were rarely using Ms Word because I did interior architectural design, and Ms Word and the other Ms Office family is definitely not for designing.

Even for creating presentation slide.

We create each slides using Adobe Photoshop and convert them to jpeg file,
like one jpeg file for one slide.

And then, we insert the jpeg files one by one to Ms Power Point.

Is that weird or cool? or just meh?

So, in my previous seven terms, I already got sick of SketchUp, Vray, Rhinoceros (sometimes, but mostly SketchUp), and Adobe Photoshop.

Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy my study, and those programs are AMAZING. Thank you to all of the team that created those amazing programs.

Especially Vray.
I love love love rendering because it is so magical I always want to cry """:

But still, having FIVE design studios (7 Credits, 7 Credits, 9 Credits, 9 Credits, and 10 Credits) with huge number of credits were taking away my life........... so I got sick. I mean "sick". Those studios were deadly "fun". (Oh so paradoxical)

And for the last term, the design studios are all over and suddenly I am required to write an undergraduate thesis.
Just write.
(It's not just writing, though, but you know, all I do is writing).

And I think I am going to miss designing... with all of the love and hate relationship with the process.

So, I took Photography Class which was available, because taking photograph with professional camera, with such knowledge, technique, and concept, is something new to me.
And I love that.
I love learning something new.

And I require to use Adobe Photoshop to layout my photographs (plus the title, captions, metadata) for task submission.

So, yea. I get balance between writing and doing art.
It is a good thing.

I think I have to end this over long introductory words now. I am sorry if it is too long.

This is one of my assignment that I really like. A photo essay, "Kampong" themed.
Kampong is village in Bahasa Indonesia.

A photo essay is an essay, with photographs as the text. The photographs are not mere illustrations for your words. The photographs are the main story teller of the essay. We also need words to explain things that support the essay, but the words are just additional element to the essay. The main element is the photographs.

Here it is.

Feel free to comments down below. I hope you enjoy this post.

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